Introduction and WWI

Monday, August 25, 2008
Posted by: Ms. Shea in Review and Homework

Startup 8/25
Why it is important to study history?

Today in class an extra-credit pretest on WWII was given. Our long term goal this quarter is to get a 100% the next time we take this test in the middle of October.

We discussed how to set up our SSE folder in OneNote. A lecture was then given on the causes and effects of WWI.

HOMEWORK: Your homework today is to read pages 346-347 [Reading 1: What is History?] in your textbook and answer the Reading Review questions (#1 & 2) at the end of the reading on looseleaf. Your answers must be in complete sentences to recieve credit. Spelling counts! Do not forget to properly head your assignment:


Tomorrow we will finish the WWI lecture and begin working on Chapter 1 of our workbook.

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