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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Posted by: Ms. Shea in In Class

Be prepared discuss the important characteristics of each of the following species in our family tree. Also be familiar with the approximate timeline in which these species appeared. Study your lecture notes, the video packet, and reading packet.

• Australopithecus
• Homo Habilis
• Boisei
• Homo Ergaster
• Homo Erectus
• Neanderthals
• Homo Sapiens

Be prepared to define the following terms
• Sexual Dimorphism
• Pro-longed post-natal development
• Savanna Model
• Neolithic Revolution

Be prepared to discuss the following
• What is the purpose of primatology?
• What is the significance of termite fishing?
• What was the significance of Australopithecus being bipedal?
• Homo Habilis V. Paranthropus Boisei
• Theories about cave art

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