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Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Posted by: Ms. Shea in In Class

Hope you had a nice break. Only 5 months until summer break!

Today we began discussing geography, which will be the social science subject we focus on all 3rd quarter. You were given a blank map and asked to identify the location of the 50 states. Start studying! We will take several quizzes on this map. The final quiz will be worth 50 points, and yes spelling does count! For additional practice, please play the Geography game that can be found when you click on the link to the right.

We then read through your textbooks introduction to geography. We read about the 5 themes of geography. These 5 themes will be our focus during this quarter. We will spend a few weeks discussing the first theme; location, in detail. Although we did several workbook chapters last semester, the majority of the workbook will be done this quarter. So please keep that in mind as you work on it in class.

Tomorrow we will resume ‘startup’ questions, and we will begin working on relative location using our workbook.

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