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Part I Review

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Parties and Politics What are the three types of party systems? What is the major difference between democrats and republicans? What is a disadvantage of the one-party system? What was the first political party in the United States? What issue divided parties in the 1850’s? Who was the first Republican president? What did the Populist […]

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The Final

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There are three parts to the final: Multiple choice questions relating to political science Note-taking Political cartoon interpretation Click here for a website that contains many political cartoons. It may be helping when reviewing to look at some of these cartoons and see if you can figure out what message the artist was trying to […]

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Political campaign game

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The Political Spectrum

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Today in class we reviewed the note-taking exercise you completed before break. You were then given time to read about The Political Spectrum and Branches in Government. HOMEWORK: Read p 429-433. Answer Reading Review Questions #1-2 on page 430 and 433.

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