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President’s personal lives

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Startup 10/23 Should you take a President’s family/martial history into account when deciding who to vote for? Today in class was the last day you had to read the McCain and Obama comic biographies. We will discuss the question sheet tomorrow. HOMEWORK: Finish reading both biographies and finish answering all the questions.

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Obama V. McCain

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Startup 10/22 What qualities do you think are important for a President to have? Today in class we went over the WWII test. I then returned to you the pretest you took on WWII in August. Hopefully you see how much you’ve learned since then. You had the remainder of the class to continue reading […]

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Today in class you took the WWII test. It is your last grade of quarter 1. Your grade is on edline. 

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The end of WWII

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Startup 10/16 What were the consequences of the atomic bomb? Today in class we read through the last section of the packet about post-war Europe and Japan. For homework, you must answer questions #9-18 on pg 952. I will collect your answers tomorrow. We will also review for the WWII test tomorrow. The test will […]

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White Light | Black Rain

Friday, October 10, 2008 13:45 No Comments

There was no startup today Today we continued watching the documentary, White Light/Black Rain. We will finish it on Tuesday. We watched scenes where the US soldiers who carried and dropped the bomb told their story. You also heard the stories of Japanese survivors who recounted the horrors they witnessed and felt¬† in Hiroshima and […]

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